AGI Welcomes New Member Kit Smyrl

Accredited Genealogists Ireland is pleased to introduce its newest Member,  Kit Smyrl, MAGI, who has worked in genealogy since the mid-1990s, when he joined the Irish probate research firm Massey & King.  Kit was based in England initially, managing research in Great Britain, but in 1998 he moved to Ireland permanently.  Kit operates the probate firm with his brother Steven, a past president of AGI.  Their work was the subject of the RTE television documentary series Dead Money, first broadcast in 2012. Two years ago Kit Smyrl was accepted into the AGI Affiliate programme, designed for genealogists working towards obtaining … Read More


THOMAS WILLIAMS. SOLDIER Sandra Doble MAGI When I first became interested in genealogy, along with researching my own family, I was very keen to research my husband’s family also. His mother knew little about her grandfather other than that he was called Thomas Williams and that he came from Wales to Dublin where he worked in the Smithfield markets. His Irish civil marriage record in 1898 and his death record in 1920 were readily identified as were birth records for his children. Each of these records described him as a labourer. The 1911 census described him as a carter but … Read More