IMAGE OF THE MONTH – DECEMBER 2018 Five stay, five go. Ninety years later, cousins say “Hello”. Anne-Marie Smith, M.A.G.I. The photograph above was taken circa 1924 and shows my father Seamus (little boy in front) and his parents/siblings of Abbeyfield, Killester, Dublin. This was the last photograph taken of the family all together as five of them left Ireland for America shortly after. My grandfather had fought in WW1 and was in the British Army. Their daughter Maggie married a man who was a member of the IRA, which made for an interesting conversation at meal times!! Mary, Paddy, … Read More

David McElroy Elected to Fellowship of AGI

  On Friday, 7th December, at AGI’s 31st Annual General Meeting in Dublin the election was announced of David McElroy as a Fellow of the Association, recognising his decades’ long contribution to the pursuit and study of Irish genealogy. It was in 2004 that Accredited Genealogists Ireland (AGI) established the status of Fellow of the Association to mark significant contributions by members to the world of Irish genealogy. Since then there have only been five elected, with David now being the sixth. Such contributions come in all shapes and sizes: some are very public, while others can be regarded as … Read More

Joan Sharkey Elected President of AGI

At last week’s Annual General Meeting Máire Mac Conghail completed three years as President of Accredited Genealogists Ireland. In the accompanying photograph she can be seen congratulating her successor, Joan Sharkey (left), as she begins her first term. The meeting also elected the following officers and other members of Council to serve for the coming year: Nicola Morris was elected to be the new Vice-President; Anne Rodda succeeds Sandra Doble as Hon. Treasurer, whose term of office has ended; and Georgina Scally was re-elected Hon. Secretary. In addition to the four officers, six ordinary members were also elected: Rob Davison, … Read More