FRANCES-JANE FRENCH John Grenham MAGI The first thing anyone who met Frances-Jane French will tell you is that she was a formidable woman. From the 1960s to the 1990s, she strode the streets of Dublin, black cloak flapping around her shoulders, ebony cane ready to wave over the head of any poor soul who thwarted her. To those of us starting out in genealogy, she was terrifying. Her vocation was Anglo-Irish family history and she laboured long and hard correcting and expanding the published trees in Debrett’s. Genealogy came naturally to her. To quote a profile in the Trinity News … Read More

AGI’s 35th Annual General Meeting

On Thursday, 1st December, Accredited Genealogists Ireland held its 35th Annual General Meeting at the Dublin City Library & Archive in Pearse Street, Dublin 2.  Though it proved to be a shorter meeting than in recent years, the usual reports were given by the President, Hon. Secretary and Hon. Treasurer. In a detailed address, the current President, Nicola Morris, outlined the various activities of the Association has been involved with over the past year, particularly highlighting those where AGI Members had been able to offer specific skills in expertise and advocacy. The following officers were elected to serve for the … Read More