JULIA GEARY: MOCOLLOP TO MONTANA – AND BACK AGAIN Tony Hennessy M.A.G.I. I quite recently received a research request from an American woman called Margaret who was due to visit Ireland in August and was wondering if I could help trace her Irish ancestors. Margaret’s great grandmother Julia Geary had left Ireland as a young woman not long after the Famine and settled in Montana. As a stepping off point for my investigations I was given this wonderful photograph of Julia’s memorial stone. It clearly states that ‘Mrs. Julia Helms’ was born 1 August 1840 in Mocollop, Co. Waterford, Ireland … Read More

AGI fellow John Grenham to speak in Galway

AGI fellow John Grenham is to give a talk on “Mapping Galway surnames” as part of the free Galway Roots event run by Galway County Council next week. It takes place in the Council Chamber at Prospect Hill on Tuesday August 15 next from 12 to 3.