Relatively few people work in Irish ancestral research, whether as professional genealogists, record agents or indexers. AGI’s active membership has never been higher than 31 and there are 31 current full members, along with associate members and affiliates. Despite the small numbers, AGI is a busy group. One of its most visible undertakings up to 2012 was in providing the Genealogy Advisory Service (GAS) in partnership with national record repositories in Dublin. The GAS guided hundreds of overseas visitors who wished to do their own research, providing them with a strategy for their particular case and giving them time saving tips. The first GAS began in 1989 at the Genealogical Office as a one-to-one consultation facility, operating on a fee-paying basis. In 1998 it was transferred to the National Library and converted into a less detailed but more accessible free consultation service (which operated until January 2007). In January 2003 similar facilities were introduced at the National Archives and ran until 2012. AGI (then called APGI) also acted as one of the Supporting Organisations of each of the four Irish Genealogical Congresses, held in 1991, 1994, 1997 and 2001. In addition, on each occasion it provided free advice for participants. In more recent years AGI has had a central role at the annual Back To Our Past heritage event in Dublin, providing free consultation sessions. Behind the scenes, AGI is an enthusiastic member of the Council of Irish Genealogical Organisations, a body which promotes better research facilities for all.