AGI: New Member and Affiliate

AGI is delighted to welcome our newest member, Joanna Cicely Fennell, and our newest affiliate, Marie Cahill. Their details can be found on our member and affiliate pages.


June 2015: The Council of Accredited Genealogists Ireland (AGI) wishes to clarify the organisation’s status. It was formed, as the Association of Professional Genealogists in Ireland (APGI), in 1986. At that time most of the practising genealogists throughout the island of Ireland came together to form a representative and accreditation body, with an independent Board of Assessors. A few weeks ago APGI changed its name to AGI. AGI does not have official recognition from either the Irish government or the Northern Ireland Assembly, nor has it ever claimed such. AGI is not an incorporated or chartered body, nor does it … Read More

APGI Becomes AGI

After almost 30 years as the accrediting body for genealogists in Ireland, APGI has adopted a new name. At an Extraordinary General Meeting held in Dublin on Wednesday, 27 May 2015, the Association of Professional Genealogists in Ireland (APGI) voted to change its name to Accredited Genealogists Ireland (AGI). As Accredited Genealogists Ireland the Association will continue to set and promote high standards for those engaged professionally in genealogy while safeguarding the interests of clients.  Founded in Belfast in 1986, the Association has always been an accrediting body for genealogists throughout the island of Ireland. Accreditation from the Association is … Read More

Three new members

AGI is delighted to welcome three new members Elaine Hannon, Sandra Doble and Anne Rodda, and a new Affiliate, Jane Halloran Ryan. Their details can be found on our member and affiliate pages.

Adult Learners’ Festival Lunchtime Genealogy Talks at the National Library of Ireland

Monday-Friday, 23-27 February, 1.05pm To celebrate the Aontas Adult Learners’ Festival, AGI are delighted to partner with the National Library of Ireland for this series of 5 free lunchtime lectures introducing the fascinating world of family history research.Over 5 lunchtimes and one evening (time TBC), topics ranging from state and church records, to census returns, land records, tracing 20th century military ancestors, and online genealogical records will be introduced. An open forum where you can discuss your research with professional genealogists will follow Friday’s lecture.No booking is necessary and all are welcome.

Lunchtime talks at NLI

AGI president Steven Smyrl kicked off the series of lunchtime talks at the National Library of Ireland as part of the Aontas Adult Learners’ Festival today with an introduction to the records of Civil Registration. The series of free lunchtime lectures, delivered by members continues throughout the week at the NLI with one evening lecture on the 25th February. Details of the programme are available here

Irish Genealogy talks at National Library this month

The full programme of the National Library of Ireland’s Adult Learners’ Festival Genealogy Talks has now been released and is presented below. A talk will be held each lunchtime from 23 to 27 February and there is one additional talk taking place in the evening. All of them will be presented by a member of Accredited Genealogists Ireland. Note also the Open Forum which follows the Friday lunchtime lecture.Lunchtime lectures – 1:05pmMonday 23 February: Civil Registration in Ireland, with Steven Smyrl explaining how to access and interpret the records of the General Register Office.Tuesday 24 February: Irish Census records, with Helen … Read More