How to become an AGI affiliate.

If you are starting a career as a professional genealogist resident anywhere on the island of Ireland, you should consider applying for affiliate status with Accredited Genealogists Ireland.

Is it necessary to become an affiliate to progress to membership of AGI?

Becoming an Affiliate is not a necessary part of applying for membership of AGI but the category should assist any applicant in working towards accreditation and developing their career.

What are the benefits of affiliation?

The most important benefit of being an AGI affiliate is access to close contact with members and an informal mentoring process that should help in honing skills. An AGI Affiliate is entitled to:

  • attend general meetings of AGI, but not vote or be eligible for election to the Council.
  • attend professional development and social events organised by AGI.
  • have his/her name and address included in the list of Affiliates issued by AGI.
  • remain an Affiliate for a maximum of four years, having applied for membership of AGI within two years of admission, provided that affiliation is not withdrawn by the Council for failure to fulfil affiliation requirements.

What are the duties of affiliation?

AGI Affiliates, as well as members, are expected to uphold the good name of the organisation and to play an active part in fostering Irish genealogy in general. They must adhere to the Association’s rules and a strict Code of Practice. Complaints from clients are taken very seriously. There is a Complaints Investigation Procedure and serious or repeated cases of justifiable complaint can result in loss of affiliate status.

An AGI Affiliate is required to:

  • pay an annual affiliation fee.
  • abide by the AGI Code of Practice.
  • use or display on his/her stationery the term ‘AGI Affiliate’ to signify his/her association with AGI .
  • apply for membership of AGI within two years of admission as an Affiliate.

An AGI Affiliate is not entitled to:

  • use or display the AGI membership badge.
  • use or display the initials ‘M.A.G.I.’ to signify membership of AGI.
  • imply publicly that Affiliate status grants him/her accreditation by AGI.

What are the application requirements?

To be eligible for Affiliate status the applicant should be currently operating a genealogical research service for which fees are charged, or should be working as a researcher for such a service. He/she must be resident in Ireland (Republic or Northern Ireland) and conducting all or most of his/her genealogical research in Irish records. He/she must not be employed at any full time occupation outside of genealogy but must have been practising as a professional genealogist for at least one year full time or two years part time. Once admitted to the category the Affiliate must continue to satisfy these regulations in order to retain the status.

NB: Given the current restrictions imposed by Covid-19, all items required for an application (as noted below) can be submitted in PDF form via email to the Hon. Secretary.

The application should be in the form of a (i) letter and (ii) a short genealogical dissertation or essay.

The letter (i), with supporting documentation attached, should outline the applicant’s background in the field, including information such as:

  • the number of years/months he/she has been conducting genealogical research for a fee.
  • his/her research experience (e.g., the sources and the record repositories / on-line databases with which familiar; types of research projects completed).
  • any experience in related fields, such as transcription or indexation of genealogical records.
  • any courses in genealogy or related subjects completed, or being attended.

It should be pointed out that practical experience of genealogical research is the basic requirement and that it is not necessary to have attended any courses. The completion of a course in genealogy will not count towards eventual application for membership of AGI. Nevertheless, such a course should be of benefit to anyone seeking to gain more knowledge of genealogical sources.

The dissertation or essay (ii) should run to approximately 1,000 words. This may, for instance, range from detailing research into a family’s history to explaining the background and use of a particular source relevant to Irish genealogy. The purpose of this is merely to allow the applicant demonstrate their knowledge, ability and communication skills. It should be self-contained and, where relevant, it must quote sources.

In addition, the application should be accompanied by:

  • a non-refundable application fee of €30.00. (Payment can be made by electronic transfer; please enquire with Hon. Secretary).
  • a completed reference form containing the names of three referees of standing as to the applicant’s character and competence, (downloadable from here) .
  • samples of publicity material (e.g., brochure, letterhead, website address) if the applicant is currently operating a genealogical research service.
  • a scan of proof of identity: passport, driving licence, or ID card.

Acceptance as an AGI Affiliate is not automatic, and it does not guarantee eventual membership of AGI. Admission to the category is at the discretion of the Council of AGI, and the Council may from time to time limit the number of Affiliates. AGI Council reserves the right not to enter into correspondence about applications.

Progression to Membership of AGI

The category of Affiliate is not intended as a permanent status for anyone admitted to it. It should assist a professional genealogical researcher in working towards application for membership of AGI. An Affiliate must apply for membership within two years of admission. If unsuccessful on the first attempt, the applicant may remain an Affiliate for a maximum of a further two years before applying again. If unsuccessful in applying for membership within four years of becoming an Affiliate the applicant will cease to have any association with AGI and will be disqualified from becoming an Affiliate again. This will not disqualify them from applying for membership of AGI on any occasion thereafter.

How to apply

Further details may be obtained by email from:
Hon. Secretary
Accredited Genealogists Ireland
Ms. Clare Doyle
Co. Galway
H54 AE62

or by email to: