It’s a Black and White issue

Tony Hennessy M.A.G.I.

Some time ago when carrying out research I came across the marriage record of WILLIAM WHITE & BETTY BLACK, who were married on 22 Oct. 1850 in Seapatrick, Co. Down. I wondered how they got on after the wedding – did they have a chequered life together? Was the question of children a grey area? I opened a ‘Mixed Marriages’ file on my computer and filed them away. Since then I’ve added a few more….

Here’s some marriages that I’m sure were successful:
LOVE STRONG (James Love & Jean Strong, Co. Donegal 1715)
LOVE BIRD (William Love & Mary Bird, Co. Donegal 1847)
SMILEY VALENTINE (Thomas Smiley & Margaret Valentine, Belfast 1921)
BAREFOOT DITTY (Samuel Barefoot & Mary Ditty, Co. Derry 1895)
BOAL JELLIE (Henry Boal & Sarah Jellie, Co. Down 1877)
WILD SAVAGE (Edward Wild & Mary Savage, Dublin 1784)
SHERLOCK HOLMES (Thomas Sherlock & Elizabeth Holmes, Co. Wicklow 1738)

I’m sure the first 7-8 years were very successful for this couple:
LENNON &McCARTNEY (Andrew Lennon & Esther McCartney, Derry 1918)

I’d be slightly concerned for the following marriages:
MOODY PEOPLES (William Moody & Mary Peoples, Co. Donegal 1869)
PILLOW STRAIN (Mary Pillow & Alexander Strain, Co. Armagh 1882)
CRUMMIE STORY (Mary Crummie& James Story, Co. Antrim 1828)
STRANGE SERVICE (Jane Strange & William Service, Co. Antrim 1859)
TEARS DRAIN (Bernard Tears & Rose Drain, Belfast 1833)
FAIRLEY SMALL (John Fairley & Betty Small, Co. Down 1796)
SHORT & CURLEY (Edmund Short & Margaret Curley, Co. Limerick 1826)
TROLLAND TWADDLE (Samuel Trolland&Mary Twaddle, Co. Antrim 1911)

I’m all for mixed marriages – but these are ridiculous:
FOX & DOLPHIN (Dennis Fox & Marcella Dolphin, Co. Offaly 1837)
TURTLE & SWAN (David Turtle & Martha Swan, Co. Antrim 1887)
CROW & CAMEL (Barry Crow & Margaret Camel, Co. Carlow 1786)

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