Margaret Elizabeth Mooney McQuillan

Jane Halloran-Ryan, AGI Affiliate


This is a photo of my great-grandmother, Margaret Mooney who was born in Fall River, Massachusetts on 7 July 1877, the daughter of Thomas Mooney and Catherine Meagher. Thomas was born in Lancashire, England to Irish born parents who subsequently emigrated to the US. He would later go on to fight in the American Civil War. Margaret’s mother Catherine was the daughter of Irish immigrants to the US. She met her husband-to-be Thomas while working as a weaver in a factory where he also worked. Margaret was one of 7 children—5 sons and 2 daughters of Thomas and Catherine. Her sister, Mary Alice Mooney died on 23 December 1893 aged 18 of meningitis.

Margaret grew up in Fall River. She married Alfred W. McQuillan on 20 May 1902 in Fall River. Alfred W. McQuillan was a building contractor who had emigrated from Prince Edward Island , Canada with his Irish born parents and family. Alfred McQuillan and his father, Patrick J. McQuillan ran a successful contracting business in Fall River. They built several local schools as well as the Fall River City Hall. In addition, Alfred had developed a patent grain elevator which was widely used in industry. The couple resided in Fall River where Alfred and Margaret had three children: John Thomas McQuillan (1903), Mary Alice McQuillan (1904) and Alfred John McQuillan (1908).

Margaret loved music and was a noted ukulele player. This photo of her was taken at an unknown date. It may have been her engagement photo. She died aged 59 on 7 April 1936 in Fall River and is buried in St. Patrick’s Cemetery, Fall River, Massachusetts.