Irish GenPod Series Begins

AGI Member Paul Gorry is running an Irish GenPod series on the Senior Times Podcast platform starting today, Wednesday, 20th April 2022. It’s beginning just ahead of the Senior Times LIVE Show which runs from Friday to Sunday, 22th to 24th April at the RDS Halls in the Dublin suburb of Ballsbridge. Senior Times LIVE incorporates the genealogy and family history show, Back To Our Past, now running for more than a decade.
There are four episodes in the GenPod sereies, all of which will be released on successive Wednesdays. The first guest is high profile genealogist Nicola Morris, the current President of Accredited Genealogists Ireland.
Nicola is followed by Brendan Scott, manager of Roots Ireland, and then next up is Julian Walton, the 2021 recipient of the Wallace Clare Award from Irish Genealogical Research Society.
And finally, the last guest is Maeve Rogan, Publicity Officer of North of Ireland Family History Society.
You can listen to the first interview with Nicola Morris by clicking on this link.