How to become an AGI member.


If you are a professional genealogist resident anywhere on the island of Ireland, you should consider applying for membership of Accredited Genealogists Ireland. If you have perhaps only just embarked upon your career in professional genealogy you might wish first to consider Affiliate status. For more details about this, click here.


What are the benefits of membership?

The most important benefit of being a member of AGI is the accreditation. Most English-speaking countries now have at least one professional organisation which assesses the work of genealogical researchers and regulates their practice. This provides protection both for members and for their clients. AGI is the only such regulating body within Ireland which operates an assessment process for membership applicants. Its accreditation is, therefore, a significant stamp of approval for any Irish genealogist.

The association provides a voice for those working in the field of genealogy and monitors the standards of research facilities in Irish record repositories. In this regard AGI is a very active participant on the Council of Irish Genealogical Organisations (CIGO). Of course, being a member of AGI brings the entitlement of inclusion in the AGI membership brochure and on the AGI website. Members may use and display the initials “M.A.G.I.”.


What are the duties of membership?

AGI members are expected to uphold the good name of the organisation and to play an active part in fostering Irish genealogy in general. They must adhere to the Association’s rules and a strict Code of Practice. Complaints from clients are taken very seriously. There is a Complaints Investigation Procedure and serious or repeated cases of justifiable complaint can result in expulsion from membership.


What are the application requirements?

To be eligible to apply for membership of AGI an individual must comply with the following requirements;

To have practised as a professional genealogist for not less than one year full time or two years part time.

To be resident in Ireland and conducting all or most of his/her genealogical work in Irish records.

Not to be employed at any full time occupation other than that of a professional genealogist.

Pay a non-refundable application fee of €75.

The AGI definition of “professional genealogist” is as follows:

A genealogist is one who conducts genealogical research in primary and secondary sources, who assesses the findings, determines further sources or constructs a pedigree, and who compiles a written account of the completed research. A professional genealogist earns his/her living by such work.

Application for membership is made by submitting a sample of work. This must be a copy of a report on research conducted over a period of between seven and ten hours, exclusive of report preparation time. It must be accompanied by an application form; a non-refundable application fee; a brief description of the initial information supplied by the client; an indication of the length of the search; reproductions of the relevant photocopies or other documentation submitted to the client with the original report; a letter from the client giving permission to submit the case for assessment.


Who assesses applications?

The Board of Assessors entirely controls admission to membership. The AGI council and individual members have no say in the matter. The Board is made up of people whose combined knowledge of record repositories, archival practices and genealogical research procedure gives them ample expertise with which to judge the merits of applications. Current members of AGI are disbarred from serving on the Board, but retired members are eligible for appointment. At least three members of the Board participate in any assessment. Their decision is final.


Sample report

Here is a Sample Report and Sketch Pedigree which may be helpful to prospective applicants as to the standard required of AGI members.


How to apply

Application forms and further details may be obtained from:

Hon. Secretary
Accredited Genealogists Ireland
Ms. Clare Doyle
Co. Galway
H54 AE62

or by email to: