Areas of research: All of Ireland

Special interests: Pre-twentieth century genealogical research Biographical and historical research.

Qualified in specialised legal studies, Justin Homan Martin worked for fifteen years at the Department of Justice. He also attained investigative skills and he holds a certificate from the Institute of Irish Investigators. In the early 1980s Justin had a rare opportunity of working briefly in conjunction with the Department of Foreign Affairs. He has been a professional genealogical researcher since 1984.

Justin studied local history at University College, Galway, under Professor T.P. O’Neill, and through Professor O’Neill became acquainted with the renowned Edward MacLysaght (whose published works on Irish surnames are well known) and Eric McAuliffe, a professional genealogist. Learning from their combined experience and having worked in partnership with the late Mr. McAuliffe, another member, Justin currently offers a full-time genealogical research service. He has been a member of AGI since December 1992.

Over the years he has undertaken research in diverse cases and projects (probate, adoption, historical research). His research has contributed to several published biographical works. Justin Homan Martin also acts as research agent in Ireland for a number of genealogical research companies in the United Kingdom. He is a member of the Irish Genealogical Research Society and the Family History Society of Martin.

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