AGI Fellows, Members and Affiliates

Fellows are members honoured for their service to AGI or for their outstanding contribution to the study of Irish genealogy.
Members are those accredited by AGI on the recommendation of the independent Board of Assessors.
Affiliates are reputable genealogists, in the early stages of their transition to professional research, who have not yet applied for accreditation.
Associate Members are those passed by the Board of Assessors who are not currently accredited Members by choice or through the circumstance of living abroad.
All Fellows, Members and Affiliates are bound by AGI’s Code of Practice.

Members available for commission
Members currently unavailable
Emeritus members
Deceased members


Members who are available to undertake commissions


Members currently unavailable for commissions

Affiliates who are available to undertake commissions

Affiliates unavailable to undertake commissions

Emeritus members

Former members

  • Bryan, Deirdre
  • Somerville-Woodward, Robert

Deceased members and fellows