Credentials for Genealogists: Proof of the Professional – 2nd edition published

Accredited Genealogists Ireland member Paul Gorry has published a new edition of his 2018 book, Credentials for Genealogists: Proof of the Professional.  In it he puts forward the case for professional genealogists seeking credentials, or accreditation, from a relevant accrediting body.  There are eight such bodies throughout the world, AGI being one of them.

Gorry says ‘nowadays the majority of professional genealogists do not hold credentials and appear not to think them necessary for their career’. But he argues that professional credentials provide ‘a structure essential to the integrity of the profession, a stamp of approval for the conscientious practitioner and protection for clients’.

He asserts that credentials guarantee that the holder has the required knowledge, skill and experience, as well as ethical behaviour, to be regarded as a true professional.

Back in 2018 he chose to sell the book through an independent bookshop in Ireland.  People overseas found this inconvenient and asked about ordering it through Amazon.

For that reason this Second Edition is available to purchase on Amazon.  It went live early on St. Patrick’s Day (Irish time), purely by coincidence.  It may be found by following this link to Amazon.